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Monday, 28 January 2013

My Novels

Fifteen years of age, Isa Muirison loves her life working for the floating shops of Orkney at the turn of the 20th century. But her happy family life is thrown into turmoil by her father’s decision to immigrate to Canada, her sister’s illness and her own love for Davie, a penniless whisky runner.

Despite her family’s opposition, she follows Davie to his tiny island home where she is met by the fierce hostility of his mother and his childhood sweetheart, Chrissie.

Alone among strangers, Isa’s unrelenting determination gains acceptance and popularity in the close knit community. 

But no one could have foreseen the tragedy that rips the heart out of that community and shatters Isa’s security. 

Meanwhile, Chrissie has found solace in the arms of Davie’s violent brother Jack, only to discover a darkness in his soul she could never have imagined.  Events are set in motion over which the two women have no control.

Will either of them ever find peace?  And in whose arms will Davie find solace?

First novel of an exciting new trilogy set in the northern isles

Chrissie Reid, a young battered wife living on a small Orkney Island in 1906, finally turns on her husband jack.  After a particular brutal attack, she is driven to offering him poison.  With no memory of that night, she believes she has killed him, especially when she discovers the remains of a body buried in the byre.
In spite of her guilt at having taken a life, Chrissie eventually finds love again.  Her strength, determination and love for her fellow islanders carry her through fourteen years of hardship, intercepted and exacerbated by the Great War.
But the past won’t stay hidden, and fourteen years after that fateful night, Chrissie is forced to confront the nightmare which has overshadowed her life.
With the arrival of a letter, she discovers that nothing is as it seems.  A series of events over which she has no control is set in motion.  Lies and secrets are uncovered, leading to a dramatic and tragic climax.
‘The Broken Horizon’ is the second book in the Raumsey Trilogy

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