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Monday, 28 January 2013


Poem for January
We sleep,
Rocked as  bitter gales threaten to tear away
the structure of our lives,
tide rushes inward,
An immense tide swamping  the quays
Filling the river basin
Spilling over the land
And it charges,
Lifting cars
Sending fluid tendrils through cracks of lives
 Under doorways, around windows
There is no resistance
As glass shatters
And trappings of life are swept away.

And in the morning we look upon the debris
We look upon the soft sea, quiet, flat.
Violence just a memory.

Across the ocean, another storm
Lives torn apart.

One bitter young man
Seized by the devil
Buys a gun.
And rips apart the fabric of a sleepy town
And takes their babies.
And we imagine their debris,
Their lasting pain
The horror
From a damaged brain.
And thank the lord our assailant was the sea.


The reader lifts the book
‘What page were we on?’
The woman hears the flick of pages
In her ears, the reader’s voice rises.
Beyond the window,
The blue black dome of sky
Pin-pricked with a thousand lights
Closes around the day
The woman dreams
Dreams of yesterday’s passion
Dreams full of meaning
Dreams without end.
She smiles
She was once fair
She was once young
Once her eyes looked forward
Full of hope
Now she listens
Only hears a monotone
Meaningless, compulsory
And she dreams
The reader’s eyeballs roll
And he closes the book.

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