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Friday, 6 March 2020

How to format in word for kindle

How to format for kindle in Word.

1.       Select all. The entire document should now be highlighted.
2.       Click on backward P (see snip)
3.       Click on ‘Remove formatting. (see snip)
Remove formatting
4.       Line spacing options and do these settings (see snip)
6.       Click OK.
7.       Highlight every heading or chapter. You can then change the colour and/or position.
8.       Hit return for the number of spaces you want to leave between chapter heading and text.
9.       Hit return button once for new paragraph
10.   At the end of each chapter hit control + return  only once.
11.   To list your chapters, set curser at beginning of book.
12.   Click on references
13.   Click on ‘table of contents’
14.   Chose table. I choose number one.
15.   Your table will then appear automatically.

There may be other ways, but this is what I do successfully.

Oh, and remove any page numbers.

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